Agile Coaching

The RoguePM

The RoguePM is a mindset, a bias toward action. It is grounded in establishing short development cycles that are heavily user centric and use working software as the ultimate measure of progress.

I am available to help in a variety of different capacities, assisting many different roles, including engineers, Scrum Masters, Delivery leads and Product Managers/Owners.

Please reach out to find out more about the services I can offer.

One on One Coaching

4 week one on one coaching cycles. Focused on improving the coachees ability to influence and develop working software in short iterations.


Scrum Master/Iteration Mgr

Working within a team. I can help speed up delivery, incorporate customer feedback and reduce bugs.


Agile Coach

Working across multiple teams to help develop a sustainable cycle, grounded in producing working software

Let’s build something together.